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Library Card

Why Do I Need a Library Card?

  • You need a library card to check out materials such as books, dvds, audio books, and cake pans.
  • You need either an Arkansas City Public Library card or a State Library card to access ebooks, depending on where you live.
  • You need a library card to use the free internet access computers.

How do I get a Library Card?

  • Come to the Library at 120 E. 5th Ave., between Summit and A Street on 5th Ave.
  • There is no charge for a library card.  (If you lose your card, it costs $1.00 to replace it.)
  • Bring a picture ID.
  • If your picture ID shows your current address, that’s it.  Complete the form, wait for us to input the data, and you get your card the same day.
  • If your picture ID does NOT show your current address, please bring a bill or letter that was sent to you at your current address.

What is a Kansas Library Card?

The State Library of Kansas makes databases and ebooks available to all residents of the State of Kansas.  To access these resources, you need a Kansas Library Card.  It is different than your Arkansas City Public Library card.