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Fax Service

There is a FAX24 Public Fax Service machine in your Library that is available whenever the Library is open.  You may use a credit card or purchase a fax card from the Library in the amount needed.

Rates to Send U.S.A.

Credit cards:  $1.75 for the 1st page and $1.00 for each additional page.

FaxCash Prepaid Fax Cards are available in the following amounts:

1 page = $1.75

2 pages= $2.75

3 pages=$3.75

6 pages=$6.75

Rates to Send International

Credit cards:  $3.95 for the 1st page and $3.45 for each additional page.

FaxCash Prepaid Fax Cards are available in the following amounts:

1 page=$3.95

2 pages=$7.40


Prints & Copies

A color photocopier/printer is availabe on the main level.  Color copies/prints cost 25¢ per side.  Black & white copies/prints cost 10¢ per side.


Computers & Internet

Public Computers

The library has computer workstations with internet access and a variety of applications software available on the main floor.  One workstation is equipped with a scanner.

Wireless Access.

Free wireless internet is available for patrons to use on their laptop, tablets, phones, etc. throughout the entire library.

Your portable device should be equipped with a wireless network card.  Most devices come with these cards pre-installed.  Your device will also need to be configured to obtain an IP address automatically.


Outreach Services

Outreach services help to extend the library’s reach beyond the walls of our building.


Patrons who are temporarily or permanently confined to their homes or who live in nursing homes, care centers, or retirement residences may have Library materials provided to them at no charge. Patrons have full access to library materials as well as the Interlibrary Loan service.  To enroll, please call us at (620) 442-1280.

Nursing/Retirement Homes

The Arkansas City Public Library also loans out collections of large print and audio books on a rotating basis to various nursing/retirement homes in Ark City.


Our Children’s Librarian performs Storytimes at local schools.  If you’re interested in scheduling a visit, please call (620) 442-1280.


Book A Librarian

Librarians are available to meet one-on-one with patrons to assist with computer and research needs.  Appointments require 24-hour notice are are dependent upon staff availability.  In most cases, you will need to provide your own portable device.  We can help with:

  • Computer/Internet Basics
  • Career
    • Searching and Applying for Jobs
    • Resumes
    • Unemployment
  • Audiobooks/eBooks/eReaders (Downloading, Navigating, etc.)
  • Social Networks
  • Microsoft Programs
  • Apple Programs
  • Research
  • Microfilm Instruction


Interlibrary Loan Services

If you are unable to find an item in our catalog, you may request that we order the item from another library.  You may fill out a form at the Arkansas City Public Library or sumbit an online request.


Meeting Rooms

The Arkansas City Public Library has several meeting rooms available for use, free of charge.  Please call for availability and more details.